Naples doctor opens practice dedicated to customized care

With the opening of Concierge Medical of Naples April 1, a longtime NCH Healthcare System physician would like to answer the age-old question of “Is there a doctor in the house?” with a resounding “yes.” Dr. Obayedur Khan, a board-certified internist who specializes in geriatric care, said the inspiration behind […]

Concierge Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Concierge Medicine right for me? If you value your health and want your physician be able to cater to your requests and special needs including providing you with as much attention as you need to properly diagnose, treat and explain your health and conditions, then the answer is yes! […]

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Is Calcium supplement doing any good?

Supplementing calcium may not be helpful to you. Recent studies published in BMJ found that calcium supplement does not help. Listen to this podcast Stop supplemental calcium for older people: An interview with Dr. Mark Boland, author of two recent studies. — NEJM Journal Watch (@JWatch) October 10, 2015

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Should I get flu vaccine?

Flu vaccine can save you Every year thousands of people die in the United States from Influenza or Influenza related complications. Very young, elderly, pregnant, immunocompromised persons are at high risk. In the United States flu season lasts from October till May. It is important that persons at high risk […]

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Commonly Used Latin Prescription Abbreviations

It is a common practice by physicians to use Latin abbreviations when writing prescriptions. You may have noticed these in your prescriptions. Although well known to Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, these abbreviations can be the cause of medication dosing errors especially in the hospital setting. Avoiding these […]