Should I get flu vaccine?

Flu vaccine can save you

Every year thousands of people die in the United States from Influenza or Influenza related complications. Very young, elderly, pregnant, immunocompromised persons are at high risk. In the United States flu season lasts from October till May. It is important that persons at high risk get vaccinated to lower their chances of getting flu or reduce the severity of illness. Flu symptoms include generalized weakness, body aches, runny nose, high fever and cough. Complications of flu includes bacterial pneumonia, respiratory problems, dehydration leading to kidney problem, malfunctions of other body parts even heart attacks and heart failure. It is important that you report early within 48 hours to be treated with medications which can shorten the duration of flu symptoms. A simple office test can confirm the diagnosis of Influenza. Once diagnosed close contacts should also take prophylactic medication to prevent flu. During this flu season, please go ahead and get a flu vaccine. Intramuscular flu vaccines are not live vaccine and cannot give you flu. However if you have egg allergy or allergy to flu vaccine itself, you should not get flu vaccine. Elderly persons 65 and above can get high dose flu vaccine which may give boosted immune response.

You can get detail information about flu vaccine by visiting CDC website

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