Insomnia or Problem with Sleep

Insomnia or inability to sleep can be very problematic. Not able to fall as sleep or maintain sleep could result in feeling fatigued, tired and irritable. All of us have experienced occasional insomnia at some point of life. However when it happens on a regular basis then it poses a big health problem.


Insomnia can result from poor sleep hygiene, sleep apnea, pain, excessive coffee or alcohol, side effects of pills among many other causes.

Treatment of Insomnia

Management of Insomnia should include proper sleep hygiene while trying to remedy other underlying problems. Sleeping pills are not always the answer to treat insomnia. They have many side effects. Sleeping pills are known cause of falls in the elderly population. Avoid over the counter sleep aids. They usually have a name with PM at the end. These sleep aids usually contain antihistamine which is responsible for falls, daytime sleepiness, low blood pressure, dizziness, problems with urination for people with prostate problems, worsening of memory and increase confusion for people with Dementia. People with memory problems, prostate problem and glaucoma should not take these pills.


Following sleep hygiene can be very helpful-


Do go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

Do some bedtime ritual

Do exercise daily

Do expose yourself to some sunlight daily

Do not watch TV in the bedroom

Do not have a clock in the bedroom

Do not use bedroom for other reasons except for sleep

Do not nap during day

Do not exercise within three hours of bedtime

Do not drink coffee or alcohol in the evening

Do not drink too much water or liquids around bedtime

Do not allow your pets to sleep with you

Do not take a heavy meal close to sleep time


Have a good night of sleep!


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