Health and Medical Services

Doctor Examining Male Patient With Shoulder Pain

Concierge Medical of Naples is established with the aim to provide medical care in a very personalized, compassionate and caring environment. At the Concierge Medical of Naples, Dr. Khan who is a two year fellowship trained double boarded experienced Geriatrician and Internist with ability to handle complex medical problems, will provide the following services-

Caring Compassionate and Personalized Care in an unhurried way

24/7 Direct Access to physician via personal phone

Comprehensive Enhanced yearly physical

Extended office follow up visits

No wait time in office

Personally Coordinates Care with other specialists

Tertiary Care Referral when required

Same day or next day visit when necessary

Hospital Care- personally admits, follows and discharges patient at Naples Community Hospital

Home Visits

Skilled Nursing Facility Visits

Assisted Living Facility Visit to Terracina Grand

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