Concierge Medical of Naples- Obayedur Khan, MD, FACP

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Welcome To The Concierge Medical Practice of Dr. Obayedur Khan, M.D., F.A.C.P

Our Services

Concierge Medical of Naples is established with the aim to provide medical care in a very personalized, compassionate and caring environment. At the Concierge Medical of Naples, Dr. Khan who is a two year fellowship trained double boarded experienced Internist and Geriatrician with ability to handle complex medical problems, will provide the following services-

Caring Compassionate and Personalized Care in an unhurried way

Comprehensive Enhanced yearly physical lasting at least 2 hours or more

Extended office follow up visits lasting more than 45 minutes

No wait time in office

24/7 Direct Access to physician via personal phone, text, email

Same day or next day visit when necessary

Personal Coordination of Care with other specialists

Tertiary Care Referral when necessary

Hospital Care- personally admits, follows and discharges patient at Naples Community Hospital

Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facility Visit

Home Visits when necessary

Office Services

We draw blood and collect urine samples at our office and send them to lab. Other office procedures that we do are electrocardiogram, 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, monitoring for blood thinner with INR, screening for peripheral arterial disease with ABI, pulmonary function testing, skin biopsy, ear canal cleaning for cerumen impaction, stool occult blood testing, minor skin biopsy and skin treatment for sun damaged skin. We give B12 injection and also provide flu vaccines. All these procedures are included with your yearly retainer fee and you are not charged anything extra.



We do not accept any insurance or Medicare payments. Your retainer fee is the only thing we depend on for the all the services we provide. However, tests that are ordered such as labs, x-ray, CT scan, MRI etc are paid by your insurance carrier and or Medicare.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you value your health and want your physician be able to cater to your requests and special needs including providing you with as much attention as you need to properly diagnose, treat and explain your health and conditions, then the answer is yes!

There are many benefits of Concierge Medicine services of Dr. Khan. Besides getting services from a highly qualified Fellowship trained double boarded Internist and Geriatrician you will also get:
•24/7 access to Dr. Khan via cell phone and email.
•Same-day service and appointments.

Yes. Dr. Khan has full privileges at the Naples Community Hospital and personally admits, follows and discharges patients when admitted to NCH.

Yes, membership benefit includes access to Dr. Khan via his personal phone, text, Facetime and email.

Yes. We understand that it is sometimes impossible to make an office visit due to illness.

No. Your yearly retainer fee will cover this. No other co payment will be charged.

No. Your yearly membership fee covers all your visits to Dr. Khan and other services as outlined above. However you must maintain your insurances which will cover your labs, xray and radiology tests, hospital visits, specialists visits etc.

Yes. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) clearly stated that in their CMS-4159 FAQ. Dr. Khan has valid record of opting out. As a result he can prescribe for Part D participants. 

Yes. Although Dr. Khan has opted out of Medicare, he is enlisted by Medicare in their Ordering and Referring file as legally eligible to order tests.